The current crisis has given us the opportunity to re-evaluate our choices and priorities on many levels. And in terms of Collingwood’s housing market, local realtors are reporting an increase in interest from people in the GTA rethinking where they want to live. “City dwellers have been forced to consider social distancing as a lifestyle,” says sales representative Jennifer Wootton. “For many, concerns over navigating highly populated centres on a daily basis has accelerated their plans to permanently move out of the city or purchase a second recreational home in a less congested area.”

Boasting an abundance of outdoor four-season recreational space and miles of trails, lower living costs, fewer residents and convenient access to street side shopping and grocery stores, Collingwood offers a  lifestyle that is much easier to navigate than dense urban areas. Adding to the appeal is the shift in work culture and the fact that remote work has become normalized giving people even greater flexibility to live further away from company headquarters and major cities. “For city buyers who are in search of more room to move, fewer crowds and an improved quality of life, there has never been a better time to relocate to Collingwood,” concludes Wootton.

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